11th international tournament Minsk Open - SANKER CUP 2015

SANKER_CUP_2015Схема Велодрома

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the SANKER CUP Organizing Committee I have the honor to invite You to the 11th International Karate Tournament"MINSK OPEN - SANKER CUP".

Tournament will be held at October 2-4 2015 in the one of the best European sports complex "Minsk-Arena".

Registration for SANKER CUP 2015 is available from August 24 at www.sportdata.org and our site.

Mandates Commission will be held on October 2 from 15:00 to 18:00 in the hotel "SportTime", 2 Myastrovskaya str (see on map).

Referee seminar on the WKF rules (version 9.0) will be held on October 2 from 17:00 to 20:00 under the leadership of Petr Shchetinin (WKF Judge-A) in the conference hall of the hotel "Monastirsky", 6 Cyril and Methodius str (see on map). Participation fee - 20 €.

Event SANKER CUP 2015 at Facebook.

Invitation to the SANKER CUP 2015 and the Regulations of the tournament are available below (here).

The scheme of the "Minsk-Arena" velodrome is also available below.

SANKER CUP is the one of the largest karate (WKF) competition in Eastern Europe. Western and Eastern teams traditionally take part in.

The 11th International Karate Tournament "Open Championship of the Minsk Karate - SANKER CUP" for the third consecutive times is included in the program of the Festival of Japanese culture "Japanese Autumn in Belarus in 2015". A summary of last year's tournament as part of the festival is available on the website of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Belarus and on the our website. Also within Sanker CUP 2015 and in the course of last year's initiative (which we hope will become a tradition) will be held kumite match meeting between the teams of St. Petersburg and Minsk. A summary of the teams match meeting between Moscow and Minsk as part of last year's tournament is available here.

In the previous years SANKER CUP give karateka's a good reception from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia.

We will be glad to see You and Your team in Minsk on our event!

With best regards, Pavel Piatsko - Chairman of Association "Minsk Karate Federation".


Invitation to the Minsk Open - Sanker Cup 2015
Regulations (in Russian):

Regulations on Sanker Cup 2015

You can also download invitation here and regulations here.

The scheme of the velodrome:

Схема Велодрома

Organizing Committee contacts:

Online registration on 11th international tournament Minsk Open - SANKER CUP 2015

Sanker Cup

Online-registration for the Minsk Open - SANKER CUP 2015 is available from August 24 to September 29, 2015 at our site (click on "Next" to go to the registration form) or www.sportdata.org.

If you have never registered on www.sportdata.org or are having difficulties with registration, please check out the video tutorials (video in English, a brief descriptions of the registration process with the illustrations in Russian are given here - instructions were written last year, but has not lost relevance, scroll page down to the mark "КРАТКАЯ ИНСТРУКЦИЯ:", to view images in full size it is necessary to click on them).

If you do not have time to register your team until September 29, but would like to participate in the tournament - please contact the Organizing Committee/

Questions relating to the necessity of registration athletes in the older age categories without fail should be coordinated with the Organizing Committee of the tournament. You will not be able to register such athlete in the senior age category - only Secretary of the tournament can do this (after agreement). To avoid confusion, please do not change the date of birth of the athletes.

Organizing Committee contacts:

If you don't see a registration form from sportdata.org, please click this link.