Clarification to article 21.9 of the WKF Statutes (about the "dissenting organizations")

WORLD KARATE FEDERATION (WKF), General Secretary, Athens, March 21st 2011
Our Ref.: 652
TO: Ukrainian Karate Federation (UKF)
Att.: Mr. Serhiy Levchuk

RE: Question regarding interpretation of statutes

Dear Mr. Levchuk,
Following our last communication in Kiev concerning the interpretation of article 21.9 of the WKF Statutes, I would like first to stress that with the wording “National Federations and their components” refers to everyone affiliated to the NF, clubs and individuals. To give you a better idea on what is considered by the WKF as dissenting organization, please note the following: dissenting organizations are to be understood as any karate organization other than the WKF arranging multi style Continental or World Championships.

Style organizations arranging National or International tournaments for their own affiliates are not considered dissenting organizations on the merit of arranging such tournaments. Participation of WKF members in such tournaments would only be in violation of the WKF Statutes if the same event had participants from a dissenting karate organization as defined above. The purpose of the 21.9 article is the prevention of WKF having sporting relations with members of dissenting organizations-not to prohibit relations with non-members of WKF.

I hope that everything is clear now but in any case please do not hesitate to contact me for further clarifications that you might need.

Best Regards,
George Yerolimpos

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