Referee master-class on the WKF rules version 7.1, November 17 2012

Referee master-class


  1. WKF karate popularisation among sportsmans, referee, parents and family members.
  2. Training of Sanker club and MKF referees .
  3. Promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The establishment of friendly relations with the karate organizations of Minsk city.

Time and place

Master class will held on November 17 2012 from 17.00 till 22.00
Venue: Minsk, Antonoskaya str. 18, Sanker Club. ( see the map)


Master-class will be jointly performed by Sanker club and MKF
Host is Pavel Piatiko.


Applications for participants has to be mailed to SENKO@BK.RU till 18.09.2012.