Official report on Minsk city karate tournament

02.03 in February 2013 Championship took place in Minsk Karate Karate Federation Minsk organized with the support of the Office of Physical Education and Sports of Minsk City Executive Committee.

This tournament was the first in the history of such events, in which were selected in the team in Minsk to participate in the Open Championship of 2013. That is why the League of Minsk was closed - the athletes from other regions of the country could not take part in it. But despite the tough conditions of the competition was attended by 80 athletes from clubs in Minsk, representing the three main schools of karate style, active in the country: Shotokan, Shitō-ryū, Gōjū-ryū.

The tournament includes the following sections:

  • male / female individual and team kata in the age group 16 years and older;

  • male / female individual kumite in the age groups 18-20 years and 18 years and over in weight classes approved by the WKF.

It should be noted that in individual kata sections, men and women, as well as in the section individual kumite -67 kg men, the number of participants was equal to or even slightly higher than the corresponding category, held at the Open Championship of Belarus.

To some extent, the tone of the competitions were asked titled and famous athletes such as world-class athlete and Loban Pavlyuchenkov Alex Andrew, Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus Snegirev Gordey, Champion of the World Championships Pavel Zhukov.

The spirit of competition is particularly felt during the final matches, the price of which - a place in the team in Minsk and the ability to defend the honor of the team in the national championship.

The Cup's organization was at the right (for a tournament) level: the competition in the sections start on time in accordance with the regulations; minutes of meetings were held in both paper and electronic form; Kumite bouts course reflected on the electronic scoreboard, and the awards ceremony began at 5 minutes after the last category.

Organizers - Association "Minsk Karate Federation" in the person of Paul Stanislavovich Pyatko chairman and head of the Sports Committee of Cancer Vitaly - have made every effort to make this tournament was the "first signs" in the system transparent selection on the main republican start, which in turn will improve the the level of training of athletes across the country and will allow to represent the Republic of Belarus abroad.