About the club

Club has his history since 10 November 1994. This day gives the club name "Sanker", that means "Flash of Light" in Japanese. Club was registered as non-profit public organization at the May 1999, registration number №05/0005. Detailed chronology


Main dojo is located at: Minsk, 7 Nekrasova str, 6-th floor (see the map below).

Sanker club have all facilities for successful training. Peoples of all ages training with us - from 6 till 45, man and womans.

Sanker membership permit you to get the next advantages:

  • Specialized Dojo in the central part of Minsk

    1. Floor with tatami
    2. Heavy bags
    3. Fitness equipment
    4. Сloak-room
    5. Possible division of the Dojo into two parts by screen (used for training in the two groups, usually with children)

    General view of the Dojo View from the entrance
    View the entrance
    Zoning - first zone Zoning - second zone Fitness аrea State flag and cups
    Cyclorama of the Dojo

  • Professional staff of instructors

    1. Instructors with special education (Belarussian State University in Physical Culture), with the attestation of the lead world karate federations.
    2. Scientific-based training methods.

  • Choosing of schedule and direction of training

    1. Groups was formed following the members age and inclination
    2. We have the fitness, sport and traditional branches

Following the Your abilities and desires, we can help to improve your body and mind.


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7 Niakrasava str, Minsk

(from 9:00 till 20:00)
+375 29 611 7907


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