Results of the 40th European Championship among cadets and juniors as an indicator of the training system in Belarus

From 8 to 10 February 2013 in Konya (Turkey) was the 40th European Championship among cadets and juniors, as well as the fifth European Cup Championship U -21. The tournament was attended by over 800 athletes from 44 national teams. Youth team of Belarus was represented by 16 athletes and was able to win, "bronze" medal in team kata girls Cadets / Juniors. Distinguished team of Mogilev in the Smoliakova Anastasia, Maria and Fursova Fursova Alexandra.

Fact winning medals at the youth forum, of course, is wonderful, and a medal - it's to the credit of athletes who have won it and their personal trainers. Especially since this "bronze" - is the third award for the Mogilev squads top European tournaments. Earlier girls were getting third at the European Championship 2012 in Baku (Azerbaijan) and European Championship in 2012 in Moscow region (Russia). Well done!

But let's see what the top youth football tournament in any sport?

The only indication of the level of development of any sport in a single country was and is the result achieved by the national team for adults Continental and World Championships and the Olympics (yet not the case). Thus, the top youth tournaments are just a stage of preparation for adult competitions, original review of sports reserve.

What is the key to achieving high rates of adult national team at the top tournaments?

In general, and in general - it's simple and complex at the same time. Successfully operating system of training allows training athletes like conveyor. To achieve athletic performance must match a number of factors, ranging from the judges, finishing with a particular form of the athlete and his state of health on the day of the launch. Therefore, if you have an established and mature system of training, the coach has at his disposal in each category of athletes who can compete for a medal. Ill one, injured another, sued the third, did not get the fourth one - the seventh, tenth and twelfth representatives of the team will take the coin.

How do things stand with the preparation of sports reserve in the Belarusian karate? Try to understand on the basis of past European Championships in Konya.

KATA. in the consolation victory mogilevchanok circle over the team of Macedonia, brought the team medal - the only victory in the tournament Belarusians under kata. All other matches were played. All teams in the tournament except medalistok acted katista 4 more in various categories:
 - Ostrovsky Cyril (individual kata cadets)
 - Dovgalova Anna (individual kata kadetki)
 - Fursova Maria (individual kata girls),
 - Gerashchenko Hope (individual kata girls U-21).

Unfortunately, none of our katistov not won a single battle. A category of individual kata juniors, boys U-21, and team kata boys were not represented at the tournament.

KUMITE. In the kumite situation is not much better: of the ten participating Belarusians, five (ie 50%) were unable to overcome the starting line of the battle. Out of five of our athletes who have won their starting fights, four finished performance in the second round. Thus, after the second round of the competition in the kumite section, 90% of the Belarusian team stopped the fight for the medals.

Is the best result of all Belarusian athletes in individual competitions 40th European Championships showed Poprugo Valery (again, from Mogilev), won 2 fights in the junior weight category up to 55 kg. In the first battle won Valery athlete from Israel, in the second - left no chance to the Italians (8-0), then, unfortunately, succumbed to German athlete. Note, in 13 individual categories kumite in Konya Belarusians were not represented.

Summarizing the analysis of the performance of our athletes at the 40th European Championship, especially emphasize medal team of girls - this is only the merit of personal trainers and talented athletes themselves, rather than the success rate of the system of training athletes in the Belarusian karate. You can say anything you want, but the facts recorded by the official protocol of the Continental Youth Forum 2013, talk about the sorry state of the preparation of sports reserves in the country. Judge for yourself:
 • Medal for the third tournament in a row taking the same athletes who train under the guidance of personal trainers on their programs.
 • More than 50% of Belarusian cadets, juniors and youth complete performance at the tournament start losing battle.
 • After the second round of the competition 90% of the team is out of the fight for the medals.

Based on all the above, it is safe to say, a system of training in karate sports reserve in Belarus. And since there is no system for training of sports reserve - no gain adult national team, frankly speaking poorly in 2012 at the European Championships and the World. Moreover, there is a talented team of girls katistok from Mogilev, with no less talented personal trainers.

In order to solve the existing problems with the preparation of sports reserve Sports Committee of the Association "IFC" offers:
 1) To provide equal opportunities for admission and participation in the Championship, the Championship and the Cup of the Republic (the national selection) athletes of all organizations, cultivating karate in Belarus, not only loyal to the leadership of the NGO "BFC".
 2) the right to voice and to ensure that the study of selection criteria in youth and national teams for sports lines.
 3) Begin work on training system for coaches and officials at all levels, and increased domestic championships.

We have no doubt that the adoption of these measures would be in the way of formation of the system of training of sports reserve and - as a consequence - to strengthen the national team and improve its sporting results for the good of the Belarusian karate.

Regards and best wishes,
Cancer Vitali.
A citizen of the Republic of Belarus
Head of Sports Committee
Association "Minsk Karate Federation"
Head Coach FGC "Volat"
active athlete.


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