Open international karate-do tournament Zvyagel Open 2013

23-24 February in Novograd Volyn, Ukraine, six open international tournament on karate-version WKF «Zvyagel Open in 2013." The competition was part of the 16 321 athlete teams representing clubs and organizations in Belarus and Ukraine. Among they there was the team of the Minsk Karate Federation, which included athletes of our club.

MKF team atletes which took prize in theirs categories:
Maria Ephraim has won first prize in individul kumite girls 12-13 years -45 kg
Anastasia Khristenko has won first prize in individul kumuite girls 14-15 years +50 kg
Suruntovich Maxim won the second prize in the individual kumite boys 10-11 years old 38 kg
Vadim Zagrekov won the second prize in the individual kumite boys 14-15 years -63 kg
Igor Polyuhovich took third prize in the individual kumite boys 16-17 years -65 kg
Anton Usatsky took third prize in the individual kumite boys 16-17 years -68 kg

According to the results of athletes MKF team took 6th place out of 16 in the team score.

Congratulations to medalists and wish them continued success and achievements of sports!

In addition to athletes in the competition was attended by judges of the Minsk Karate Federation. Pavel Piatiko, a judge of the National category of Belarus was appointed chief judge of the competition. In addition to his competition was attended by four other judges, two of whom were appointed by the senior sites.


Announcement of the event on the website Ukrainian Karate Federation (link)
Results of the event and the final table online Ukrainian Karate Federation (link)


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