Sept 30 - Oct 2 2009 master class, video edition. In russian.

Produced by Youth Martial Arts Club "Sanker".

Disk 1 (practice 1st and 2nd):
Stance. Meaning of fighting stance. Exercises.
Movements on tatami. Movement meaning and role. Kind of steps and movements. Exercises for the fighting movements.

Disk 2 (practice 3rd and 4th):
Speed. Speed function in a fight. Exercises for speed training.
Kick preparations. Main kicks review and technique.

Disk 3 (practice 5th and 6th):
Punch technique. Starting-up exercises. Main combinations. Execution and apply fine points.

Ju-ippon kumite-based technique, adopted to WKF rules.
Feb 6-7, 2010

Activities Schedule for 2010 by Sanker Karate Club prepared and published.

Last update - Jan 28 2010

English version coming soon.


General qualification by participant clubs and organizations. First, second, third and fifth places counted.

Note - СДЮШОР #5 team from Новополоцк enumerated twice, because of 2 independent teams from this organization.

Last update from Oct 14 2009, changes in protocol for Kumite Female, age 14-15, -47 kg.

Also you can get the printable version of final protocol and all draw tables from the files attached.

Last update from October 14 2009, corrections for female kumite, age 14-15. -47 kg.

Вчера, 4 октября, успешно закончился 5-й международный турнир Minsk Open / SANKER CUP 2009.

Соревнования прошли в 51 категории, в них приняло участие 585 спортсменов из 8 стран.
Спортсменов из Беларуси 293, иностранных спортсменов - 292.

Были представлены все страны-соседи Беларуси: Украина, Польша, Россия, Литва, Латвия,

Alexander Gerunov master-class in karate WKF.
World and Europe Champion in WKF Karate, individual and team kumite

Master-class is performed by and under control of SANKER Youth Martial Arts Club.

Time and place:

Sept 30 – Oct 02 2009
107 Pobeditelei ave, Minsk, Republic of Belarus,
Belorussian State University of Physical Culture and Sport,

«YUBILEINYI» hotel 3*

Adress: 19, Pobeditelej ave, Minsk
Placement: City Center

Direction from:
Minsk-2 National Airport - 46 km;
Minsk-Central railway station - 3,5 km
"Manezh" Ltd - 3,5 km.

Hotel was build at 1969. Partially updated at 1996. 13 floors. Elevator. 191 rooms.

Room types: lux, half-lux, single and double business class and standard. All rooms had bathroom, satellite TV, phone.

  • Single room with breakfast from 55$.

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