All information about Sanker CUP 2008, 4th international karate tournament.

3-5 october 2008, Minsk, Belarus.

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During the Feb 14-17 2008 our team visiting Kazakhstan (click for the photo report) for taking place in VII Karatedo WKF International Tournament on world champion awards Ashim Kali:

* Ivanov Alexey - 1st kata age 10-12
* Shepko Ruslan - 3rd kata age 14-15 and 3rd kumite age 14-15 less 63 kg
* Pavluchenkov Andrey - 3rd kumite age 14-15 less 63 кг

Feb 22-24 2008 Sanker Club taked place in Russian Federation Wado-Kai Karatedo Championship in Bryansk city:

* Pavluchenkov Alexey - 2nd in kumite, adult less 80 kg

13 years pass since club founded at 10 Nov 1994.

Following this wonderful event, there was the annual celebration at the dodje on Antonovskaya str.

There is also first-night demonstration of promo movie about the SankerCup2007.

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Dear colleagues.

I'm happy to report to you about successful SANKER CUP 2007 finish. This year 9 countries sent sportsman's to us: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Estonia Iran, Georgia and China.

56 clubs, 831 participator in 44 categories total, 52 commands in "team kumite" categories.

You can find the final protocol and team count in files attached.

With best regards, SANKER CUP main secretary.

Sept 15-16, 2007 (Saturday and Sunday)

By Pavel Piatiko, chief-instructor of our club

Saturday: 17:30-19:30
Sunday: 9:00-11:00, 15:00-17:00

Place - our dodje at 20, Antonovskaja st. See the map.

Sanker Club members - free.
For external organizations and individuals - 10 euro.

The acknowledgment was already received from members of Budo Association.

To take part in seminar - please call +375 29 2569649 Vlad.

At 25 of March our team was took part in 2007 Republic Belarus Championship.

Greetings to the Alexey Pavluchenkov, the Championship Winner in the absolute category. He was also 2nd at -80 kg.

All of our team members became the prise winners:

  • Andrew Shimko - 3rd place, under 75 kg
  • Michael Kost' - 3rd place, under 70 kg

"Dinamo-Minsk" team and it's members, Alexey Pavluchenkov, Andrew Shimko, Michael Kost'
got the 2nd place at the team kumite.

Aikido Kobayashi trainings will start from 17th March.

Coach - Baranov Ivan, 1 kyu Aikido Kobayashi.

Schedule (at 20, Antonovskaya st.)

    saturday - since 18:30 till 20:30
    sunday - since 11:30 till 13:30

See Schedule for details.

At 18th Feb there was the large international tournament in Kazakstan.
See the photo from the place

Our club team including the Pavluchenkov A., Shimko A. and Kost' M. was perfomed the next results:

  • Over 80 kg:
    1. Pavluchenkov - 1 place
    2. Shimko - 2 place
  • Below 80 kg:
    1. Pavluchenkov - 1 place
  • Below 75 kg:
    1. Shimko - 1 place
    2. Kost' - 2 place
  • Below 70 kg:
    1. Kost' - 2 place

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