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Dear colleagues. From behalf of Association «Minsk Karate Federation» I'm happy to invite you and your command to take part in competitions by Minsk City Karate League 2012-2013.

Minsk City Karate League 2012-2013 are:

  • 5 tournaments in a season linked by single regulation and rating
  • Full-format 3-hours referee seminar with theory testing before every tournament. After the seminar the judge/referee staff will form by the results of seminar, which increased the level of judging
  • First numbers of raiting will give a bonus with voyage to the International tournament BUDO CUP 2013” Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Money prize to the best coach of a Minsk City Karate League 2012-2013, by the rating total.
  • Decent salaries of judges, covered by provisions, corresponding to their responsibility for their work.

Provisions for a competitions of Minsk City Karate League 2012-13 (in russian) see in file attached

Yours respectfully,
Rak Vitaly, chairman of Association "MKF" Sport committee.

Budo Cup 2012May 25-26 Baltic Grand Prix - Budo Cup 2012 was held in Tallin, Estonia. More than 400 athletes from nine countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russa, Belorussia, Kazahstan, Germany, Ukraine and Estonia), representing 35 clubs took a part.

Athletes from our club participate in tournament as the Minsk Karate Federation team members. Some of them took prizes:
 - Andrei Loban took silver in kumite, category -67
 - Vitaly Rak took bronze in kumite, category -75


WORLD KARATE FEDERATION (WKF), General Secretary, Athens, March 21st 2011
Our Ref.: 652
TO: Ukrainian Karate Federation (UKF)
Att.: Mr. Serhiy Levchuk

RE: Question regarding interpretation of statutes

Dear Mr. Levchuk,
Following our last communication in Kiev concerning the interpretation of article 21.9 of the WKF Statutes, I would like first to stress that with the wording “National Federations and their components” refers to everyone affiliated to the NF, clubs and individuals. To give you a better idea on what is considered by the WKF as dissenting organization, please note the following: dissenting organizations are to be understood as any karate organization other than the WKF arranging multi style Continental or World Championships.

Style organizations arranging National or International tournaments for their own affiliates are not considered dissenting organizations on the merit of arranging such tournaments. Participation of WKF members in such tournaments would only be in violation of the WKF Statutes if the same event had participants from a dissenting karate organization as defined above. The purpose of the 21.9 article is the prevention of WKF having sporting relations with members of dissenting organizations-not to prohibit relations with non-members of WKF.

I hope that everything is clear now but in any case please do not hesitate to contact me for further clarifications that you might need.

Best Regards,
George Yerolimpos

In the file below providing the original draw of the letter.

See the documents at the Ukrainian Karate Federation site (in ukrainian)

Alexander Trafimovitch April 28-29 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine the international karate tournament Chernivtsi Open was held. 500 athletes from 5 countries (Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Belarus) was competed on 5 tatami.

Athletes from our club participate in tournament as the Minsk Karate Federation team members. Some of them took prizes:
 - Kiyko Nikita took 1 place in kumite, category 14-15 ­-70;
 - Trafimovitch Alexander took 2 place in kumite, category 16-17 76+;
 - Ivanov Alexey took took 3 place in kumute, category 16-17 -61;
 - Ten Eduard (10 years) took 3 place in kata.



May 13, 2012 will held the fifth stage of the Minsk city League Karate.

Venue: Minsk, Antonoskaya str. 18, Sanker Club. (see the map)

Competitions will start at 10 am.

Competitions will held according to the WKF rules. Provisions are in file league_5.pdf.


  1. WKF karate popularisation among sportsmans, referee, parents and family members.
  2. Training of Sanker club and MKF referees .
  3. Promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The establishment of friendly relations with the karate organizations of Minsk city.

League of cityApril 1st 2012 the VI Karate Tournament of Republic among the juniors and cadets was held. This year Tournament is the fourth stage of League of the city, the sity competitions, which is organized by Minsk Karate Federation.

98 sportsmen from 8 clubs and 3 cities was took a part in the competition: Volat (Minsk), Sanker (Minsk), NSFK-Belarus NPO (Minsk), Phoenix (Minsk), Samurai (Vileyka), Unmei (Minsk), Everest (Minsk), MGLU (Mozyr)

You can see the pisctures from the Tournament here.


March 31 2012 at the Sanker club referee master-class on the WKF rules was held. Forty two person representing different organisations was took a part.

Photos from the master class you can see here (link).

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