Kumite training session, February 8-9 2014

Kumite traning sessionIn February from 8 till 9 2014 kumite training session for 12-13 years old will held. Session will be dedicated to technical and tactical trainings.

Goals and objectives

Promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people.
Mastering sporting athletes and coaches in Minsk.
Popularization of karate in Minsk.
Strengthening of friendly relations between organizations cultivate karate.

Time and venue.

Practice session will be held from 8 to 9 February 2014 at "Junior" sport club (38 Skripnikova str).


12-13 y.o. athletes from MKF and invited organizations are allowed to participate in traininf session.


Tactical practice and trainings: connection between kicking and punching techniques, sparring practices.


Date Week day 1st traning Venue 2nd training Venue
February 8 Saturday 10.00 – 11.00 Junior" sport club (38 Skripnikova str) 18.00 – 20.00 Junior" sport club (38 Skripnikova str)
February 9 Sunday 10.00 12.00 Junior" sport club (38 Skripnikova str)

Conditions of participation.

Participants gather to make voluntary donation of 5 euros at the rate of National Bank of Belarus on the day of payment to the account of the Minsk Karate Federation. Ahtletes, who rated as top in Rating of the athletes of Minsk City Karate League 2013-2014 are exempt from payment. Athletes taking part in the training session must have a karate-gi, protective equipment, according to the rules of WKF, coaches and teachers mast have karate-gi or tracksuit, notebook and pen.

The following provisions(in russuian) is an official invitation to participate in the training session. Please confirm your participation before 07.02.2014 indicating the number of participating athletes and coaching and teaching staff at Please note that the session is organized for children in age group of 12-13 years! Participants of different age groups will be not allowed to take a part in the session.


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7 Niakrasava str, Minsk

(from 9:00 till 20:00)
+375 29 611 7907


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