10th internation tournament Minsk Open - Sanker CUP 2014

10th International karate tournament "MINSK OPEN - SANKER CUP" 2014.

sankercup 2014 tournament logo
sankercup 2014 velodrome minsk arena

Time: Oct 3 - 5 2014

Place: Minsk-Arena, velodrome

Adress:111, Pobeditelej ave, Minsk, Belarus

Tournament provisions: Read online (also you can download electronic version of the Tournament Provisions - scanned with signatures and stamps - in russian)

Mandates Commission: will be held on October 3 from 15:00 to 18:00 in the hotel "SportTime", 2 Myastrovskaya str.

Referee seminar on the WKF rules (version 8.0): will be held on October 3 from 17:00 to 20:00 under the leadership of Pavel Savlovsky (EKF Judge «A») in the conference hall of the hotel "Monastirsky", 6 Cyril and Methodius str. Participation fee - 20 €.

Please note that the contact information of our partner PRO SERVICE & Co S.r.l., specified in the Tournament provisions is outdated. Under accommodation terms, please contact the PRO SERVICE & Co S.r.l. via NEW CONTACT INFORMATION:
12 Kiseleva srt., room 2H, office 41, 220029, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
Tel.: +375172886863; Tel./Fax: +375172867658; Mob.: +375445344770, +375291870012.

Poster of the Tournament: view

Previous tournaments results

Short total and command score Minsk Open / Sanker Cup 2013

Short total and command score Minsk Open / Sanker Cup 2012

Total for Minsk Open / SANKER CUP 2011

Final protocol and team score Minsk Open/SANKER CUP 2010

Final protocol for Minsk Open/SANKER CUP 2009 (+ турнирные сетки)

Team score for Minsk Open/SANKER CUP 2009

Team score and final protocol for Sanker Cup 2008

Total for Sanker Cup 2007


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