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Olga Rabazulkina

Born in 1987.

  1. Law Institute of National Aviation University of Ukraine(Specialist);
  2. Department of martial arts in National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine (Specialist) "karate coach, teacher of physical education."

Master of Sports of Ukraine.

2 dan IKA.

From 2007 to 2015 - Coach in the SC "Sen-bin", Kiev.

Dariya Vintsukevitch

Born in 1992.

Higher education:
  1. Karate coach, BSUPC
  2. Chemist-ecologist, BSU

1st Dan ISKF (01.04.2012, Teruyki Okazaki 10th Dan ISKF).

Candidate Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus.

Michael Kost

Born in 1984.
Higher education - karate coach, BSUPC
2nd dan WKF, WMAO
1st dan JKF

Pavel Pyatko

Born in 1972,
Higher education:
  1. Karate coach, BSUPC
  2. Engineering, National Technical University
5th Dan WMAO;
4th Dan WKF;
3rd Dan JKF;
2nd Dan JKA, WSKF.

National judge.

Chairman of the Association "Minsk Karate Federation"

In the recent past - a member of the Referee Commission of the NGO "BFK" and the Presidium of the NGO "BFK".

Alesya Tchernyavskaya

Black belt 5th dan.
Coach of the highest category.

Vlad Shakhov

Was born in 1979.

Higher education
2 Dan ISKF ( 2012, Teruyki Okazaki 10 Dan ISKF)
1 Dan WKF (2007, P.Piatiko 5 dan WMAO, 4 dan WKF)
1 Dan JKA (2009, Hideo Ochi, 8 dan JKA)

SANKER CUP 2006-2012 Main Secretary.

Club site webmaster. Responsible for IT questions.

Eghor Zikratch

Born 1976.
Higher education.
2nd dan WMAO,
1st dan WSKF.

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