Minsk City Karate League season 2013-2014

Minsk City League

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Association Minsk Karate Federation, I have the honor to invite you and your team to compete in the Minsk City Karate League season 2013-2014 . The first stage of the League - Open Championship of the Frunze district of karate to children, cadets and juniors held on September 22, 2013 in "Spartacus" sportkomplex (street Bierut 11). On the eve of the competition Association MKF will held judge's training and certification seminar. The provisions of the activities is shown below.

Minsk City Karate League 2013-2014 - is:

· 5 tournaments throughout the season, linked by a single regulation and rating!

· A full-length three-hour workshop with a judicial test of theoretical training of judges before each tournament, the results of which formed the judiciary competition , which increases the level of refereeing!

· Awarding the first issues the final rankings trip to an international tournament "BUDO CUP 201" in Tallinn, Estonia!

· Cash prize for the best coach of the League for the results of the final rating!

· Decent remuneration of judges , prescribed in the Regulations and their respective responsibility for their work!

Please note : In order to join the league does not necessarily engage in Minsk Karate Federation. More details in provisions below.

The Sports Committee of the Association Minsk Karate Federation
For information call +375295044087
Rak Vitali
Head of the Committee

Minsk City League 2013-2014 provision:

First stage of League provision:


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