Also you can get the printable version of final protocol and all draw tables from the files attached.

Last update from October 14 2009, corrections for female kumite, age 14-15. -47 kg.

Вчера, 4 октября, успешно закончился 5-й международный турнир Minsk Open / SANKER CUP 2009.

Соревнования прошли в 51 категории, в них приняло участие 585 спортсменов из 8 стран.
Спортсменов из Беларуси 293, иностранных спортсменов - 292.

Были представлены все страны-соседи Беларуси: Украина, Польша, Россия, Литва, Латвия,

Alexander Gerunov master-class in karate WKF.
World and Europe Champion in WKF Karate, individual and team kumite

Master-class is performed by and under control of SANKER Youth Martial Arts Club.

Time and place:

Sept 30 – Oct 02 2009
107 Pobeditelei ave, Minsk, Republic of Belarus,
Belorussian State University of Physical Culture and Sport,

«YUBILEINYI» hotel 3*

Adress: 19, Pobeditelej ave, Minsk
Placement: City Center

Direction from:
Minsk-2 National Airport - 46 km;
Minsk-Central railway station - 3,5 km
"Manezh" Ltd - 3,5 km.

Hotel was build at 1969. Partially updated at 1996. 13 floors. Elevator. 191 rooms.

Room types: lux, half-lux, single and double business class and standard. All rooms had bathroom, satellite TV, phone.

  • Single room with breakfast from 55$.

Training schedule updated for the summer'2009 period (Jun 1 - Aug 31).

Still remaining, our club perform training all around the year, without season breaks.

There was the planned attestation at May 30, 2009 for the color belts degree (from 9 up to 4 kiy).

Examination commission: Pavel Piatsko (V dan), Michael Kost' (II dan), Shakhov Vladimir (I dan).

At least around 30 karateka's tryed to perform their skills at examination. Female and male, age from 7 up to 46 years.

Club collective greets all examine participants! All passed their exam. And all who maked the attempt, but not achieve the requirements level to for their try.

Forms for defense from Mavashi Geri and Yoko Geri, training methods for forms and kicks itself. Detailed review and commentary by sensey Pavel Piatsko. Recorded at March 28-29 2009 seminar.

At 2009 April 4 there was the first championship by Professional League of Karate of Ukraine at Lviv .

Competition taked place under circular system in absolute weight category. Every participant was by personal invitation from tournament organizer committee. Our Club taked two invitations.

Championship participants
Участники турнира

There was the BAKOG (Belarussian Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate-do Assosiation) Open at April 18, 2009.

Club team was represent by 17th sportsmens and won 9 medals. Team support was emotionally and proffesional. Every point won by our sportsmens was noted by applauses. Every judge fail cause emotions storm up to whistles and hallooing!

Our friendly group show itself from the bright side! BIG THANKS for all competition participants (sportsman's, parents, grandparents and rooters.


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