All 3 seminars dedicated to techic and theory of kihon-ippon kumite, one of the base training method of Shotokan Karate-do.

Instructor: Piatiko Pavel, Sanker club chief instructor.

Place: Sanker club dodjo at 18, Antonovskaja str., Minsk

3. April 25-26

Apr 25, Saturday:

17:00-19:00 practice

Apr 26, Sunday:

9:00-11:00 practice

11:00-12:30 theory and discussion

12:30-14:30 practice

2. March 28-29 (completed)

1. January 17-18 (completed)

Dedicated to Shotokan kata kihon and bunkai.

Instructors: Gayeuvski Svyataslau (5 dan).

1st seminar. Jan 31 - Feb 1 (completed). Heian 1-5 (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan)

2nd seminar. Feb 21-22 2009 (completed). Heian Godan, Jion

3rd seminar. Apr 11-12 2009 (completed). Kanku-dai

Price for 1 seminar - 20 000 BRB.

Participate conditions: instructors, students ( 4th kyu and upper). Others can participate as spectators.

Contacts: phone: +375 29 2569649 Vladimir

March 22th 2009 Belarus Championship in WKF karate was occured.

Final score for our team:
Loban Andrey, kumite, -60 kg, 1st place
Pavluchenkov Alexey, -84 kg, 1st place

Greeting for new Belarus champions from all of the club members!

Championship video and photo is expected to be later this week.

12-14 декабря в г. Минске состоялся международный семинар по Дзю-Дзюцу, проводимый дружественной организацией Ассоциацией Будо.

Was taken place at Dec 28. Examination committee stuff: Svyatoslav Gaevskij (5 Dan), Pavel Piatsko (5 dan).

Karateka's show their progress from previous examination.

Our greetings to the club members passed the examination!

November 13th-16th 2008,there will the 19th World Senior Championships (WKF).
This time our representator, Alexei Pavluchenkov joined to the Belarus Team.
Need the mention that the Alexei is an only Minsk participant in small Belarus team (only 3 sportsmens).

We want to wish him to get the success on the major tournament of the year.

XI.Tukums Open2008, Nov 1th, Tukums, Latvia
Kumite, male, age 16+, below 76 kg: Pavluchenkov Andrei - 3rd place

17th Open National Championship of Belarus in Shotokan karate, Nov 1st, Minsk, Belarus
Kumite, male, below 76 kg: Shimko Andrei - 2nd place

Aikido Kobayashi


At November, 10 will be 14 years since our club founded.

At November 10 (monday), 18:30 we are going to invite the all good peoples to our dojo (18, Antonovskaya str).

Event schedule:
- movie about Sanker Cup 2008 and some documental video from budo demonstration.
- cookies, tee, coffee
- dealings between sportsmens, parents, instructors and all good people.

The small organizational fee for participants is 15000 BRB for adults and 7500 BRB for children.

If you have some ideas how to make event better - please contact the organizers. Phone is in right column.

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